Do you qualify?

Need Assistance Paying for Medical and Dental Treatments? 

A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) provides a legitimate tax deduction for your business and a tax-free benefit for you as the employee, for health related expenses.

How a PHSP works:

  • Employees pay for their health-related expenses as they normally would and submit a claim.
  • Employer sends a payment to the PHSP administrator for the health-related expenses and the administration fee (typically 10%).
  • PHSP administrator reimburses the employee for their expenses.

Each employee has a limit of the amount they can be reimbursed for each year.  


To qualify for a PHSP plan, your business needs to either:

  • Be incorporated
  • Have employees other than family members

This is not an insurance plan.  There are no health or age qualifications, and no premiums are required. 

How much does it cost?

The PHSP provider I recommend charges a one-time $250 enrollment fee and a 10% claim processing fee. 


If you (as an employee) submitted a claim of $1000 for a health expense, your company would be invoiced $1000 + $100 claim processing fee + $5 GST for a total of $1105.  You receive tax free benefit of $1000 from the plan, and your company has a tax deduction of $1105.

who is covered

What expenses are covered?

You (as an employee), your spouse, and your dependent children are covered.


There is a broad range of medical and dental treatments allowable under CRA guidelines.  The general guiding principle for eligibility is that treatment must be conducted for medical reasons, and not for cosmetic purposes.

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