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If you double $1 every year for 20 years, how much will you have after 20 years?

Year 1  $1
Year 2  $2
Year 3  $4
Year 4  $8
Year... ...
Year 20  ??    


If you are taxed at 30% each year


If you are taxed at 46% each year



I strive to help business owners grow their wealth, fund their current and future lifestyle, and protect their business as tax-efficiently as possible. 

Small businesses and incorporated professionals have one of the best tax deferral opportunities available in Canada.  Taxation of active business income (up to $500,000) in BC is currently 13%.  Leaving retained earnings in the corporation provides 30% tax deferral.   That is a good start.  But it is not enough.

In developing your financial solution, we may consider:

  • Taking advantage of the 30% tax deferral opportunity.  Any funds not required for fund the lifestyle of the owner are left in the corporation.  No more RRSP contributions.
  • Targeting 100% tax deferral on investments made with retained earnings.  For most investors, taxes paid on dividends and realized capital gains are their largest cost of investment. 
  • Distributing retained earnings to shareholders at a reduced tax rate, or without paying any additional tax at all.  A good portion of your retirement cash flow can be tax free.
  • Protecting what matters most with insurance. Insurance is important to <start hyperlink to protect what matters most>protect your business (end hyperlink) for a variety of reasons.  When possible, premiums are paid by corporation using dollars that have been taxed at 13%.
  • Succession and Corporate Estate Planning. You may plan to transfer your company intact to a future generation. Maybe you prefer to pass on any remaining assets you haven’t spent on your own retirement to your chosen beneficiaries rather than the Canada Revenue Authority. Proper planning is required to minimize and fund any tax liabilities. 

Please note that most insurance premiums should not be deducted by the corporation. 

Protect What Matters Most

Managing risk for Business owners

Can your business survive and maintain profitability if you, your business partners, or a key employee takes a year off to recover from a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer?

If your business partner dies, do you have a way to fund the purchase of their shares from their estate?  Do you have a shareholder agreement (buy-sell agreement) so that you can buy your partners shares rather than remain in partnership with their spouse or children?

If you experience a disability and are unable to work in your business again, do you have a backup plan?  Can you at least pay your overhead until you are able to sell your business?

The Strategic Risk Management Process Questionnaire can help you identify areas of your own planning and risk management you may have overlooked.  Please contact my office to arrange an appointment if you have identified any topics you would like to discuss.


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